Indian Prawns > Prawn Meat 800g

Chapman's Prawn Meat is eaten all year round but it's during summer time of  the year that prawns really shines. From simple sandwiches made with cooked prawns to a party platter of crispy prawns with dipping sauces, they star in a range of delicious dishes that are perfectly suited to the warmer months. 

To maximise this flavour we recommend that the prawn meat be prepared in the following way - Thaw naturally for 1 day or running under cold water. Wash flesh lightly, pat dry with towelling. Check our Recipe Tab for delicious recipes

Chapman's Prawn Meat is ideal for stir frys, marinaras, risotos and curries.

Chapman's Prawn Meat come packed in 800g zip-locked re-sealable bags for your convenience.