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Blue Mackerel have blue-green backs with dark wavy lines and silvery-white undersides. They can grow to a length of 55 cm, but average from 30-55 cm. Blue Mackerel have a maximum age of 24 years. Sexual maturity is reached at 28 cm in length or 2 years old. They are serial spawners, with many batches of eggs released over several months.

Blue Mackerel are found throughout New Zealand, though most commonly in the northern areas. They feed on copepods, larval crustaceans and molluscs, fish eggs, and fish larvae.

A moderately oily fish, the flesh is dark but lightens when cooked. Blue Mackerel has a firm flesh with a moderate flavour. Blue Mackerel offers a quality, low-cost protein alternative.

Blue Mackerel is sold in the following specifications:

  • Whole Round