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Snoek, is a long, thin species of snake mackerel found in the seas of the Southern Hemisphere. This fish can reach a length of 200 centimetres though most do not exceed 75 centimetres.

The maximum recorded weight for this species is 6 kilograms. It is very important to commercial fisheries and is also a popular game fisheries. It is currently the only known member of its genus and is also known in New Zealand as barracouta.

It is found off the coast of Namibia and the coast of the Western Cape and Northern Cape provinces of South Africa. It was originally called the "zeesnoek" (Sea Snoek) by Dutch colonists who arrived in the Cape in 1652. It is said to have reminded them of the freshwater pike (or snoek) they found at home in the Netherlands.

Snoek is widely distributed in the colder waters in the Southern Hemisphere. It is found from Namibia in Angola to Mossel Bay in South Africa, off Tristan da Cunha in the mid southern Atlantic and off Western Australia, where it is call the barracouta, off Chile and Argentina (where it is called the sierra). Bluish-black on top with a silver belly, the snoek grows to over a metre in length. Snoek has a distinct flavour. It has a firm flesh and off white flesh colour. It is an extremely versatile fish. It is generally sold in fast foods as deep fried in batter. It can also be prepared grilled or used in curry.

Salted Snoek is sought after in certain communities. It was used in outlying areas that had no electricity to store fresh or frozen snoek. It is perpared either by frying or making stews or curries with. This traditional approach to preparing salted snoek is still followed even with the widespread availability of electricity.

Snoek is sold as:

  • Whole Round

  • H&G

  • Mild Cured Fillets

  • Portions

  • Smoked

  • Cured (Salted Snoek)