Vietnamese Prawns > Black Tiger Prawns 800g

Chapman's Black Tiger Prawns are naturally grown in Vietnamese Mangrove Forests. No anti biotics or preservatives are used in the production or processing of the prawns. Chapman's Black Tiger Prawns has a firm texture, mild flavour and has a red and white flesh when cooked.

Chapman's Black Tiger Prawns have distinctive grey, blue or black stripes that turn red when cooked. Chapman's Black Tiger prawns are available all year round because they are wild caught and also raised in aquaculture.

They are great looking and great cooking prawns.

Grilling or braaing Chapman's Black Tiger Prawns in their shell are among the most popular cooking methods, as are pan- and deep frying. It is important to note that prawns cook quickly and that overcooking may cause the flesh to become tough. When cooking in curries add them to the heat as late as possible.

Chapman's Black Tiger prawns are popular as garlic prawns. Their flavour will be enhanced by marinating in olive oil, lemon juice and lashings of garlic for one hour to tenderise and flash grill / fry.

You may serve Chapman's Black Tiger Prawns whole with mayonnaise or aioli to show off their dramatic colour. Add to soups — their firm flesh holds together well or cook them on the braai.

Always remember that all seafood must be thawed thoroughly either by thawing overnight at ambient temperature or running under cold water for a quicker result.

Chapman's Black Tiger Prawns comes conveniently packed in 700g and 800g variants.