Vietnamese Prawns > Vannamei Prawns 700g

Chapman's Vannamei Prawns is exclusively sourced from Vietnam. Chapman's Vannamei Prawns is processed using NO PRESERVATIVES for a natural and fresher flavour.

Chapman's Vannamei Prawns has a natural mild-sweet flavour and firm texture.

It is the perfect prawn for any occasion and can be used to grill, to fry or in curries. It is important to note that prawns cook quickly and that overcooking may cause the flesh to become tough. When cooking in curries add them to the heat as late as possible.

Always remember that all seafood must be thawed thoroughly either by thawing overnight at ambient temperature or running under cold water for a quicker result.

Chapman's Vannamei Prawns comes conveniently packed in 700g and 800g variants.